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Poringland/Framingham Earl Churches Together comprises of four local Churches,

Framingham Earl Methodist Church

The Roman Catholic Parish of Poringland & Loddon

All Saints Church, Poringland

St Andrews Church, Framingham Earl


We have done much together, but it was, perhaps most evident at the time of the Millennium celebrations when we took the lead in organising the local events that marked the beginning of the new Millennium.

Recently· we have drawn doser together by the formation of a development group to look into the possibilities of becoming more involved within the community.

One of our decisions was to formalise our relationship by linking with Churches together in England.

We believe that in our increasingly materialistic and secular times there are many who long for deeper meaning in their lives.

Between them, Churches Together offer many opportunities for people to satisfy this longing and come together to share their experiences. Above all, they offer the love of God shown to humanity in the person of Jesus.

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