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Dear Friends

In my day to day work I am blessed by the ordinary people I meet (non church-going people) who are going about their daily lives. Blessed because of the truths they reveal to me about themselves, and what they ‘know’ about God.

This week I met someone who said: “I’m not religious, but I believe in an Intelligence; a Power; I believe there must be something behind everything there is.” They didn’t know who or what this “something” is, but they believed it must be something very powerful.


Someone else told me: “I pray every day, every night, before I go to sleep. I’m not sure who it is I pray to, but I believe it must be someone.” They believed in a personal, intimate “someone” who saw, and listened, and knew.

Both these people had grasped two different, but opposite truths about God. One that God is infinite; and one that God is personal. This infinite-personal God is the God who reveals himself to us in the Bible. David captures these two truths perfectly in the opening five words of Psalm 23: The Lord (infinite) is my shepherd (personal).

It is hard to believe that an all powerful God, creator of the universe, could be interested in just me. We struggle – all of us - to hold these two truths together. But we’re not told that we need to fully grasp it. But we are invited to believe it, for this is exactly God’s character. He is all-powerful; and yet he wants us to share with him all the ordinary things about our lives. He is interested. He does care. Indeed, he cares far more than we realise!

And unbelievable as it may sound, God is blessed by you coming to Him. He has put you on a pedestal that could not be higher! He has loved you with a love that could not be deeper. He wants only the very best for you, which is why, by the way, he doesn’t always answer our prayers. And we would know why, ourselves, no doubt, if only we had God’s all-encompassing wisdom. It’s that same godly wisdom which also dictates that the onus has to be on us to seek him. To make the effort. All the information we need is already around us, and already in our hearts and minds.

But we need to come to Him. Each of us can find God – by reading the Bible, by going to Church, by exploring those partial truths we already grasp. That “what” or “someone” you may have already sensed, is the God of the Bible, who has revealed himself to us, as both personal and infinitely powerful, in and through his Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord (infinite) and Saviour (personal).




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