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Dear Friends,

I have just returned from an appointment at the vets with Tilly, our rather aged Parson Jack Russell.

For a number of months she has experienced unexplained hair and weight loss and, following blood tests last month, we were told that she may have a problem with her liver which may possibly be a growth. We have been preparing ourselves for a deterioration in her condition and the ultimate loss of our dear and beloved friend.


I was absolutely delighted to find that her weight has remained steady since her last check and, other than being rather thin at the moment, she is generally looking very well. We had decided that as long as she continues to eat, sleep, enjoy her walks and keep wagging her tail, we would just continue to monitor her and make sure that she was enjoying a good quality of life. In fact, I was so surprised and delighted at the outcome of today’s appointment, I burst into tears. How precious are our pets.

We always take Tilly to church with us when we are on holiday and she is always received with kindness and often a number of biscuits at each church we have visited with her. At Aldeburgh parish church this summer we happened upon their annual Pet Service. This was very poignant and special for us as we were then facing the facts of her possible illness. As we were all invited to hold the paw/foot/claw of whatever we had brought with us and also join hands with the other members of our family who were there, we then received the words of a beautiful blessing over our dearly beloved furry and feathered companions.

Tilly looked at us so trustingly as those words were spoken and we felt so blessed to have the love and faithfulness of such a special creature.

God’s wonderful and beautiful creation is provided for us to bless us, sustain us and remind us of our great God.

As I look to enjoy maybe more time with my beloved Tilly that I had hoped for earlier today, I give thanks to my Lord and my God for creating such a wonderful world full of the many and varied creatures and plants and scenery.

In the words of the late Louis Armstrong, ‘….and I think to myself – what a wonderful world…’

Every blessing,

Rachel Foster


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