Weekly Prayer Diary
13th - 19th March 2017


For Bishop North who has resigned his new post due to pressure put on him by women in his new see.  For all of our PCCs as we approach the time of the AGMs.  For the budget to be introduced in a way that will not cause small businesses to close due to them becoming less viable because of the increase in NI.  For the boost of funds as promised to the specified areas. 

For the situation in Mosul where IS forces are about to lose their last remaining stronghold in Iraq.  For all the people who are fleeing their homes as the city becomes a war zone and for those who are trapped by the street fighting.  For all the charities who are working out there as they prepare to cater for these people, especially as they don’t know how many will come needing their help and what needs these people will have.


For the Lent meditations.  For the bill concerning Brexit that has been amended by the Lords.  For our bishops who serve in the Lords to listen to God’s guidance on this and all other issues that come before the Lords.


For those we pray for on a regular basis: for Joy Peters; for Soul (5 years old); for Celia; for Barney and Linda; for Jenny Oates; for Judy with dementia; for Jenny Ellis, suffering from cancer, and receiving chemotherapy.  For Peter Yallop and for Irene on the road to recovery.    For Caroline’s Mum Evelyn.  For Mike Huggins as he undergoes treatment for an aggressive form of Prostate cancer.


For the building of the new All Saints Centre to start this year and for all to realise what a blessing this will be to all ages in this village.  For the people who work for social services in this country that there are enough workers to go around with special emphasis on protection of the vulnerable.  For all the farmers who have lost birds due to the recent outbreak of bird flu, spread by wild birds coming in from abroad. 


For the turtle who had to be operated on as people threw coins into his enclosure as he ate them.  For all children who are exploited and abused in their homes.  For a way to be found to regulate what they can reach on line especially through smart phones. For all schools to win the battle against bullying.  For bullying to be eradicated from work places, whether it is between colleagues or bosses, who either allow bullying or are bullies themselves, to stop this practise. 


Thanks giving that it seems that Vauxhall in Luton and other general motor car plants in this country will be taken over by Peugeot and Citroen group.  Pray that no jobs will be lost as a result of this.  For all who are unemployed and are seeking work that something comes their way.  

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